Transparent Measuring Improves Performance

Logical measurement is a systematic process by which an organisation continuously and consistently tracks and applies important project and operations data for the purpose of optimizing its ability to efficiently and effectively advance its desired targets. But should organizations inform parties involved about their measuring activities well in advance? The answer is definitely yes.We homo […]

Measurement of intangible success factors – not easy, but must have

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The importance of intellectual capital (IC) for the success of companies and other organizations is nowa-days widely acknowledged – both in academic discussion and in practice. An organization’s IC is com-posed of various intangible resources, such as employee’s competence, organization’s image, customer relationships, business processes and management philosophies. IC plays an important role in organiza-tions’ […]

Directing energy with performance measures

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Performance measurement and management wake mixed feelings in organizations. Disappointment, anxiety, and sometimes even fear. Still, we can’t escape the fact that various performance evaluations, management control, and a continuous need to run faster and aim higher are there to stay in our organizational life. A million-dollar question then is, how could we, or the […]

Objective setting and target group identification

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The ultimate goal of events is to change the behaviour of members of the defined target groups in the desired direction, either by reinforcing positive behaviour or by generating new behaviour. Changing behaviour requires a change in attitude, and attitude is influenced by providing new information through learning. For example, the Event ROI Methodology is […]

Effective event marketing requires a paradigm shift

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The Event Metrics core and development team consists of professionals who strongly believe in target-orientated event marketing. We believe in setting clear and crystallized objectives and in carrying out precise target group analysis in cooperation with our clients. Based on this, it is possible to carry out comprehensive conceptualization, planning and execution of events and […]